We all know that camping or travelling can become a “messy” situation with equipment being all over the place and you always needing to dig everything out by just about having to unpack everything that you have packed or you just cannot remember where you packed things like the matches or kettle or even that favourite camping knife. Now, we know a lot of people out there have come up with a system that works for them but the fact of the matter is majority of people out there going on their first trip or even the well-travelled people still have trouble when it comes to finding those essentials whilst on a trip and that is where Ultimate Foam Inserts come into play, we design and make the ultimate organizing solution by listening to your needs as a traveller and thanks to CNC processes and modern day technology we can create just about anything you dream, starting with high quality closed cell high density foam.

Integrated Vehicle Kitchen unit
– Complete –
We have pre-designed a fully kitted kitchen to work with the space available in your vehicle or canopy or even trailer and comes supplied with all the crockery and cutlery.
Integrated Wolf Pack Solutions
– Complete –
We have designed and made an easy to travel anywhere kitchen in a box, building a kitchen into an ammo crate it is easy to pack and take wherever, comes supplied with all crockery and cutlery as well as a Braai-Box containing a stainless steel foldable braai and all needed equipment for a grab and go braai somewhere remote.
Custom Designed Systems
– Complete or with your own Equipment –
We do a fully custom setup with either your own equipment or supplied, if you can dream it we will design and make it!
Ultimate Foam Inserts are here to ultimately make your life easier when it comes to travelling and being out there enjoying life, we strive to make a complete system that allows you not only to be well organized but also provide something that would last you for a very long time as we only use the highest quality materials for our products. At Ultimate Foam Inserts we do it all, from those personal one-on-one client sessions where we take your matters to heart and help you to design and build your very own dream system for your vehicle, camper or even off-road trailer, all the way to complete standardised equipment available straight off the “shelf” so to speak by providing pre-designed kitchen units for the famous LedFly Canopies as well as complete wolf-packs or Ammo boxes like some people call them. If you have a space and a vision, we can make it happen. At Ultimate Foam Inserts we make use of innovation as well as technology to provide our clientele with the highest-grade products possible, delivering clean, versatile, and well rounded off systems to fit virtually any space.

Simply put if you are on the road a lot or out in the wilderness or even just out picnicking somewhere Ultimate Foam Inserts will make your life so much less complicated and your trips a whole lot more organized, so much so that you would wonder how you ever got by without their products! Come see us or contact us for the ultimate solution that suits your needs!