This Service is for all those people that are very specific about what they want in life and have a certain vision for their vehicle or camping setup. In general, this service would appeal to all travellers alike that want their systems to be unique and like they see it in their minds, this is for those people that have a specific system worked out for their camping or travels and want something that would fit into their system and still be well organized and keeping everything within easy reach.

This is the ultimate solution for the individuals out there that want to set their systems apart from any other out there, be it a brand new design from scratch or alterations to previous options, if you have a space to fill and you know what to fill it with then this service is for you. With option to either do a complete custom kit where we would supply all equipment or you can bring in your own equipment and then we work together in designing a system that works with your gear, the way you like it!
This is an one-on-one service where we work closely with clients to give them the ultimate solution to fit their travelling or camping needs from kitchen units in vehicles or off-road trailers all the way to ammo crates or your own create or space – we will make it happen.
Key features for the custom service include
This is the ultimate solution for the individual that wants to stand out and have things their own way, help us to help you create your dream setup and be ready for your next great adventure!
Integrated Vehicle Kitchen unit
– Complete –
We have pre-designed a fully kitted kitchen to work with the space available in your vehicle or canopy or even trailer and comes supplied with all the crockery and cutlery.
Integrated Wolf Pack Solutions
– Complete –
We have designed and made an easy to travel anywhere kitchen in a box, building a kitchen into an ammo crate it is easy to pack and take wherever, comes supplied with all crockery and cutlery as well as a Braai-Box containing a stainless steel foldable braai and all needed equipment for a grab and go braai somewhere remote.