Integrated Ammo-Boxes
– Complete –

This service is specifically for those people that like to spend some more time at a campsite or being out there in the wild for at least more than 2 days setting up a base camp but also that like to keep things neat, well packed, organized and within easy reach. This is for all those people that like to spend several days at any one campsite along with their families as well as the Die-Hard Overlanders out there, this service is also perfect for people that enjoy a great day out on a drive doing sightseeing and would possibly stop for a picnic along the way.

This is a perfect service for people that want to just pickup and go, for those out there wanting to fill a space in their off road canopy or vehicle with this fully equipped ready to go kitchen unit that is ready to go with enough cutlery and basics to cater for 4 people with ease. To get your hands on one of these units all you need to do is to get a hold of us by either sending an email, phoning in or visiting the office and we will take care of the rest of the arrangements for you and before you know it your will have an equipped kitchen fitted and ready for your adventures.

This is the ultimate solution for all campers and families and travellers alike, providing a complete grab and go system making it easy to pack, stack or just throw in the back of your vehicle or trailer and you know you will be sorted and ready to serve 4 people with ease. There are two basic units, the one being a complete kitchen in a box and the other being a Braai-Box. The kitchen in a box would appeal more to the long-term campers and the braai-box would be more appealing to the guys doing day trips or spend a lot of time on the road. These systems have been pre-designed and carefully thought and the respective systems include the following.

This is the ultimate solution for the grab and go type of person or the long-term campers out there! Do not miss out and get in touch with us now to arrange a unit to avoid any future disappointment and fuss of looking for everything whilst on a remote adventure.
Integrated Vehicle Kitchen unit
– Complete –
We have pre-designed a fully kitted kitchen to work with the space available in your vehicle or canopy or even trailer and comes supplied with all the crockery and cutlery.
Custom Designed Systems
– Complete or with your own Equipment –
We do a fully custom setup with either your own equipment or supplied, if you can dream it we will design and make it!